Easy Ways To Eat Lean

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If there is one thing that most people think about then I am almost 100% sure that the subject is weight loss.

Since today is just the middle of January and we just left the holidays behind us I am sure that most of us think about the extra pounds we gained and what would be the easiest way to get rid of them.

Even if you are not thinking about losing weight and just try to keep your weight we all know how hard it is to cook a meal that contains the right amount of calories we need and still has all the nutrients we need.

Order lean meals online?

One of the things I did on my extra days off during the holiday season, and to be honest the fact that I work from home now, made this easier, was looking for healthy meals to cook at home.

However, I also found that takes a lot of effort. First, you have to decide what to eat and then do all the grocery shopping.

If that is not enough you also have to prepare it and after dinner doing the dishes. I am totally honest and let you know that I don’t have time for that and also do not like to spend time on things like that.

What did I do?

As I mentioned above I was wondering if ordering ready-made meals online was maybe an option for my schedule.

I did a lot of searching and found a company called Fresh n Lean thanks to the website I found that wrote a great comprehensive review of them here on this page.

The reason I started using this particular food delivery service is not just that I read about it in that article I mentioned above. I also had a friend that had used them for a while and he told me that the meals were great and it filled him up.

After that statement I was more assured. The reason is that I am, what they call, a big eater and like a meal that satisfies me. I don’t like to get back to snacking later at night after eating a healthy meal for dinner.

I also like to order multiple meals and keep them frozen until I need them. The reason is that I sometimes like to work late and this automatically means that I have a late dinner.

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What is my plan from now on?

I really enjoy the convenience of ordering meals online. I also see that they are higher in price than home-cooked meals but that is the price you pay for convenience of having it home delivered.


It is a little early in the season but in a few weeks it is time to get the grill from under its cover and get ready for some outdoor cooking.

Although my local butcher has all the regular cuts, I like to try some more exotic types of meat this year. I am a little burnout out on beef and pork.

Since I now have good experience with ordering food online and know where I have to look for, I think that my next choice is to order more meat online in combination with the ready-cooked meals I eat now about 3 or 4 times a week.

Danny Loring

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