Grilling Or Smoking meat

several pieces of meat on a charcoal grill

I enjoy a good meal just as well as the next person. However, I love to eat a nice well-cooked piece of meat before anything else.

In the past I most of the time grilled my meat and nothing is better than a juicy steak with some nice grill marks on it.

At the end of last year’s summer and for many people also the end of grill season, I found however something else to do with meat.

I was visiting a friend and he is even a better grill master than I am. He just bought a so-called pellet grill. Actually, he also has a website and wrote the review of the one he like most there, and if you have time I suggest you read it by going to the page

What is a pellet grill?

I have to be honest and did not know anything about pellet grills. Here is what I found out that they are in case you also got no idea.

A pellet grill is basically an outdoor grill that can be used as an oven, but then with a wood taste like on a grill.

But like some grills, you do not put wood or charcoal on it but you use pellets to keep the pellet grill warm.

The biggest difference is that this grill does it all automatic. The heart of the machine is a controller that takes care of the whole cooking like a computer.

All you do is set the temperature and turn it on and these pellets come out of a vessel that is called the hopper. You can add many pounds of these pellets in there to keep the grill going for hours and hours.

Why a pellet grill

After watching that whole cooking for a while and see all the smoke come out of the chimney I was wondering how long it would take.

My friend told me that it all depends on the type and amount of meat you smoke. The difference between grilling and smoking is that grilling is done at a higher temperature and for a shorter time.

Smoking meat on a pellet grill is at a low temperature and for a long time. Sometimes even up to 12 hours.

This makes the meat extremely tender and, depending on the use seasoning, very tasteful.

I had eaten pulled pork in a BBQ restaurant but never bothered too much about how it was cooked. Now I know that it can take many hours and I appreciate it even more than I did already.

No what?

Now I know that this meat is basically very easy to cook I know that I would like to have my own pellet grill sooner or later.

Although my friend was very happy with this Z-Grill I have to do my own research and come up with what is the best pellet grill for me.

I still like to grill and this means that I have to find one that can reach pretty high temperatures. I am not sure if that is possible unless you go for the expensive brands. And I am not sure if my budget, and my wife, will approve that.

That means that I also end up with a grill and a pellet grill on my patio. I believe that might be a more affordable solution since I already have a grill.

I will keep you updated on the result and about what brand I eventually choose for.

Danny Loring

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