How To Make Nice Grill Marks

2 pieces of meat on a charcoal grill

We really like to use the cast iron grill to make meat, fish, and vegetables, it improves the flavor compared to making it in a pan by grilling the same food, the texture and juiciness also vary, and even in appearance, it can make the elaboration more striking.

One of the main recommendations of the chef is to use a cast iron grill that is a perfect transmitter of heat, reaching high temperatures and preserving them, without having the heat to the maximum. Different than on a grill or smoker.

Good transmission of high heat is one of the keys to success in making grill marks; that is, the grill has to be very hot and evenly to cook on it and obtain good results.

But first, you have to grease the grill with oil; the chef uses a rolled cloth tied with twine, we can also use a kitchen brush or similar, to paint the entire surface of the grill well, this will help the marks of the grill.

The grill is pronounced earlier since the protein does not adhere to it. Note that it is also important that the food to be cooked is very dry.

With the grill very hot and greased, it is time to place, in this case, the chicken breast (with the salt and also painted with oil) so that the grill guides are marked first in one position and then in another so that at the end you can see the rhombuses that make this preparation more attractive, for this you have to think of a clock and its needles, the first position of the chicken breast will be at ten o’clock (place in the position of the clock when it marks 10:00 a.m.). Once it has been marked, it has been cooked enough for the juices on the surface to dry and peel off, the position of the meat is changed at two o’clock (2: 00h.)

The chef calculates that a piece of chicken like the one he shows, will need about six minutes of cooking on each side, and to make the required grill marks, it will be necessary to put it three minutes in each position, on one side three minutes at ten o’clock and another three minutes at two o’clock, and repeat the same operation turning the meat.

With the times we will have to play according to the ingredients and the thickness they have, since the result obtained by the CIA cook, it seems to us that it will need a blow of the oven to finish making the interior.

But anyway, the important thing here was to see how to make the grill marks, we hope it will be useful for you.

Danny Loring

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