Is a dog bed better for dogs?

dog sleeping with glasses on his nose.

Are you one of those who love your bed and the relaxation it provides? Do you love to rest on a comfortable mattress and have your own space?  

Your pet also needs a bed that belongs to him and in which he can feel not only comfortable but also safe and protected. His bed is his own space and the furry one, due to his instinct for territoriality, enjoys having a place just for him. 

Respect sleep cycles

Nothing is more important to staying productive than getting regular sleep and recharging energy. However, your pets have very different sleep cycles than humans and, if you sleep with them, the rest will not be deep for you or your animals, because: 

  • Your dog scratches fidgets, and shakes the bed, causing your sleep to be interrupted.  
  • Your cat decides to lick you in the middle of the night or surprises you by standing on your chest to watch you. It looks like a horror movie, but it happens.  

For these reasons, it is important that your pet has its own bed. 

Prevent the habit from settling

The hardest thing in the world is leaving your new home puppy out of your room. We know it, and we understand you. However, if you provide him with a good bed and teach him from the first moment that this is his place, you will avoid problems later.  

Remember that animals create habits with great ease and if you agree to let them sleep with you some nights “because they are small”, then it will be difficult to change that habit for sleeping in their space. 

Also, if you let them sleep with you, they will assume that your room is their territory and that will generate coexistence problems, especially when you receive visitors. 

Advantages of your pet sleeping in his own bed

  • During cold nights, the bed provides warmth for your pet, which can be rolled up and protected from the low temperature. 
  • In hot moments, the bed is the ideal space for your furry to stretch out at ease and let the breeze cool him down. 
  • A good mattress helps to avoid pain in the joints and bones of older dogs.

Pay attention to hygiene

Your pet’s space must be clean. In this sense, beds with a cover are ideal as is described in this article about pet beds because you can remove them and wash them without any problem.  

Eliminating the hair that your dog or cat leaves on your mattress and eradicating external parasites such as fleas or ticks is another advantage of having washable covers.  

Honey in quantity

In the case of dogs, they love to have toys, so you can also pamper him with a little house where he can take refuge with his mattress, his favorite stuffed animal, his blanket and his meat bone, that’s life!  

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