My Back And My Shoes

person with back pain

I know this title for this article does not make any sense. I will explain why I had to go for such a silly title.

What Happended With My Back?

I hurt my back the other day while doing some easy work in the garden. I was not lifting anything heavy and use was raking some leaves from underneath the trees to dump them in my compost pile.

I read before that more persons are hurting their back with picking up a piece of paper from the floor than from lifting up something heavy. I always thought that was a little weird but now I can tell you it is true.

What Does That Have To Do With My Shoes?

Now I can hear you say okay I am sorry you heard your back but what does that have to do with your shoes. Well, there is an explanation for that.

Because my back hurting pretty bad it is almost impossible to tie my shoelaces. Simply because I can not reach them without being in pain.

The shoelaces are not even the real problem since I have several pairs of shoes without shoelaces that I can use.

I have never felt so helpless in my whole life I believe. But now it was time t find a solution for the problem of how I could get my shoes on.

The Solution!

I don’t know about your family but I have a large family and they are in many age groups. What I always do if I have a problem I never encountered is ask some of them what they would do.

so, I got on the phone and called a few of them to ask for advice and they came up with the simplest solution as always. Use a long handle shoe horn and you can get your shoes on again.

Since Ia did not have one I had to borough one from my uncle until the one I ordered came in. Since I am pretty tall with my 6 foot and 5 inches I opted for the longest one I could find and that was 24 inches tall.

Here is a picture of the one I am using and to be honest this makes my life a lot easier. I just hope that it is temporary and my back will get better very soon.

You will understand that I do not just use a shoehorn but also went to the doctor and he referred me to a chiropractor for treatment.
After my first visit and having my back popped I am still soreing and stiff but feel a lot less pain. I still can’t bend over so am still using the shoehorn with the long handle.

My advice

Many of us take our back for granted and do not think too much about it until we hurt it. Then you realize how much you are depending on the flexibility of your back to just do completely normal things as putting on your shoes and tier your shoelaces.

I hope I did not bore you with my story and the strange title of my rambling here. Take care of your back.

Danny Loring

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